Founded in 1930, Kohlbrat & Bunz is a family firm with a long history in the manufacture of emergency medical and rescue equipment.

Based in Austria, it develops products for patient and equipment transport over rough terrain, for technical rescue and for stabilization of patients during MRI and CT examinations and operations.

Their products are developed at their headquarters in Radstadt, 900 meters above sea level in the Austrian Alps. The people who live and work in the area know all too well that products that are used in mountain rescue have to function perfectly under extreme conditions.

In order to meet these high requirements Kohlbrat and Bunz products are developed in close co-operation with the Austrian and German mountain troops, alpine rescue teams and many other demanding rescue organizations.

This co-operation has led to optimal product design and careful selection of the very best materials, thereby creating products of excellent quality and performance. Kohlbrat and Bunz are fully certified by TÜV AUSTRIA to EN ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485: 2003

Lyon Equipment Limited is stocking an ever expanding range of products from Kohlbrat and Bunz, with the flagship RL3000 roll up stretchers taking the lead. These innovative stretchers incorporate design registered and patented features that make them stand above other compact and lightweight products.

The RL3000 provides all the convenience of a roll up design, with the option to increase rigidity where the needs of the patient or evacuation route demand.

Kohlbrat & Bunz design fibreglass stiffeners that may be carried inside the rolled up stretcher for transport and can be clicked easily into place for enhanced stiffness across the shoulder, chest and pelvic areas with the longitudinal insert reducing spinal flex.

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