In 1989 Christof Peller built his first skateboards in his laundry room in Herrliberg on Lake Zurich. From this, the international brand Indiana Skateboards developed. The fact that the then team rider Maurus Strobel became world champion in slalom skateboarding in 2004 and 2005 speaks for its top quality.

In 2010 the first Indiana stand-up paddleboard slid across Lake Zurich. Maurus and Christof founded Indiana SUP together and conquered salt and freshwater beaches. The yacht design and wood veneer gave the paddleboards their classic, elegant look.

The demand for stand-up paddleboards grew. Many paddlers asked for boards that were easier to transport. That is why the first Indiana inflatable SUPs went over the counter in 2014. Stand-up paddling developed from a trend towards a global sport and leisure movement, Indiana SUP was right at the forefront - and it is to this day.

Indiana SUP drove development with the support of experts on all fronts. As a mobile small business, they launched improved versions of their SUP boards at short intervals. The brand from Lake Zurich kept surprising people with innovations such as hollow carbon raceboards or inflatable fishing SUPs with outriggers. The boards are produced in specialized factories in Croatia and China.


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