PPE Inspection – Approved Competent Person Certificate For The Adventure Activities Sector

Who Is This Course For?

Those responsible for the use of, examination and maintenance of Personal Protection Equipment such as climbing, mountaineering, caving and watersports equipment. Technical advisors, safety managers, independent outdoor education providers, outdoor education centre staff, Mountain Rescue equipment officers, and those responsible for equipment stores will benefit from this course.

Duration 4 days
Venue Lyon Equipment Work and Rescue Training Centre
Course code LT09AA
Cost Excl VAT £650

Current UK regulations, including the Activity Centres Act 1995, Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations 2007 and the Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, require work at height equipment to be thoroughly examined at regular intervals by a ‘competent person’.

This course introduces new techniques and develops candidates’ current knowledge of how to systematically manage and inspect Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for work at height, including mountaineering and caving (collectively called Personal Fall Protection Equipment) throughout its lifetime. The course also looks at water activity PPE such as buoyancy aids and water helmets.

The course covers in detail current legislation and equipment standards, appropriate selection, identification, maintenance and storage of equipment, formal thorough examinations of equipment and the production of appropriate examination regimes and reports.

Topics are covered using a combination of hands-on product inspection training, destructive testing demonstrations and formal presentations.

At the end of the course, following successful completion of a formal assessment and verification by an independent moderator, we certify candidates as ‘competent’ to be able to undertake thorough examinations of equipment that we identify during the course.

PPE Competent Person Training Course


The candidate should have practical experience in the use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment such as that which is required to be examined. Our 1 day PPE Inspection course provides an introduction for those with less experience. The minimum age of candidates is 18 years.

Course Content

Comprehensive coverage of up to date legislation and systems enabling compliance
Management Systems:

  • Developing an equipment management system
  • Product identification/marking Limited
  • Declaration of Conformity and written examination reports

Selection of equipment:

  • Selecting equipment for specific tasks
  • Obsolescence/lifetime
  • Performance standards
  • Equipment markings
  • Information supplied by the manufacturer

Equipment Inspection:

  • Periodic examination
  • Inspection techniques
  • Storage, cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Disposal

Viewing of destructive tests on Personal Fall Protection Equipment in our test area.


The course assessment is by written test and practical assessment by Lyon staff. These results are then verified by an independent moderator.
A formal debrief follows the written and practical assessments.


A certificate of competence in the inspection of Personal Protective Equipment will be issued to successful candidates accompanied by an ID card record of training.
Certificate valid for three years from date of assessment.