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Petzl Reactive Lighting And Burn Time Headtorch performance, and the associated figures, is something of a minefield and it's not easy for reviewers and end users to wade through all the information and make an informed decision. Our own Petzl Brand Manager Martin B offers some advice...


For me the best way to tackle this is from Petzl's point of view and with some background information.
So to burn times.... The big issue here is: what is a burn time? For years manufacturers have been free to decide how to record and measure burn times as there is no International standard. A number of years ago Petzl decided to define where they felt light output stopped being usable, as there were some crazy burn times being thrown around. Their baseline equated to the light given by a full moon - approximately a 2-metre beam. So once light output is lower than this they stop recording, even though the torch is still giving out some light.


Next, even though there are these burn times (measured using standard Alkaline batteries recorded normally at room temperature 20C), as they weaken so does the beam. For example the Tikka XP states a max lumens of 80, and a max burn time of 190hrs. This doesn't mean the output is 80 lumens for 190 hours. They are 2 extremes of performance. Standard headtorches with non-regulated output have a common trait: the greater the initial brightness, the faster it decreases.


Petzl Standard Lighting


So the next development to avoid this rapid decrease, and to stabilize the output was Constant Lighting (often known as Regulated Lighting). The advantage of this is that you will have the same quantity of light at the beginning of an activity as at the end.


Petzl Constant Lighting


Then with all this technology and developments in LEDs and batteries, we as the end user wanted brighter torches but with good, if not better burn times.


This is where Petzl's Reactive Lighting comes in, designed to offer the best of both worlds; a bright torch but a decent burn time.


With the Petzl NAO, the company gave out two figures in Reactive mode: a burn time high at 4hrs 40min, and low at 8 hours. With Petzl's OS software you can change the torch performance to burn brighter for a shorter time, or burn longer with less output.


Not everyone wants to do this, however, so for the new TIKKA R-series they felt it was best to quote the minimum burn times that reactive lighting would give out. The problem is that there are no similar headtorches to compare to, so they are out on their own.


So to the main question of reactive lighting and burn times. Some may say that the quoted 10 hours minimum "is really short". Well this depends on how you look at it, as in Reactive that minimum 10 hours allows the torch to give out 80 lumens whenever it wants - even at 9.5 hours - with a 70m beam.

You can connect a TIKKA R to a laptop using the same OS software and extend, for example, to 24 hours minimum with max 17 lumens, 32 metres. It will last longer if the full 17 lumens isn't used, and then go to a reserve mode of 1hr 25mins.


Petzl Reactive Lighting



The conclusion is still that it's confusing for all! But to try and put it in a sentence: Reactive lighting is offering power with usable burn times. Our understanding of burn time and brightness as a whole is fogged by too many variables, and Petzl is trying to be up front with what is actually going on.


Regarding comments we've seen about Reactive lighting and its reaction to mist, heavy snow and reflective clothing etc. - yes this can cause it to 'flicker' as the sensor is quite sensitive, however you can always select constant mode to prevent this issue.


Finally remember you can buy spare lithium batteries for Petzl's reactive headlamps - everyone should carry spare batteries no matter what torch they use, there are also adapter systems to allow you to use AAAs. This doesn't allow the Reactive lighting to work, but gives 70% of the Constant figures and makes the torch usable anywhere in the world.


Petzl Performance Series

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What Is La Sportiva's No Edge Technology? From an indepth study of foot morphology and the way in which the foot is used during the various phases of rock climbing, on holds of different shapes and sizes, La Sportiva has devised the revolutionary "No-Edge" technology: a construction method that allows for the elimination of "edges" on the sole of the shoe giving a more fluid, precise and harmonious climb. The No-edge concept stems from three core concepts: sensitivity, uniform pressure and adaptability.


La Sportiva No Edge


La Sportiva's Pietro Dal Pra was key in the development of the No-Edge concept, here's what he has to say...


La Sportiva's No Edge"Since 2007, I have been personally testing new prototypes on a monthly basis. My goal is to try and understand and further develop the No-Edge concept. Why is this such an emotional project? Why so much investment on behalf of the La Sportiva team in this direction? The answer is simple. We are convinced that climbing No-Edge is... simply the tops!

La Sportiva No-Edge Concept FuturaMy passion for No-Edge began many years ago, but what still surprises me today is that the magic of climbing with these shoe still continues to amaze me. There are many reasons for this: the constant use of the product, a true working knowledge of the footwear and a lot of reflection while climbing. My mind just never stops working...

When I go climbing I always find the opportunity to talk about this model, to try and explain to others the many advantages that a No-Edge boot can provide. I never tire of talking about it. Maybe that's because, finally, after 30 years of product testing, this is the one product that I have taken to heart, not just to foot.

I believe this is the biggest step forward in the evolution of climbing and I'm convinced this technology can also contribute to the evolution of a climber's personal climbing technique. These shoes "teach" us how to move more freely, lightly and naturally over the rock surface. Lightweight, fluidity and naturalness; these are the most important aspects of the vertical lifestyle. This is the philosophy promoted by the no edge technical concept. I know some people will disagree with me, but when I return to wearing traditional climbing shoes with edges, I feel as though my climbing has suddenly become somewhat 'primitive'.


No-Edge is not intended to be a substitute but a revolutionary alternative for the majority of free climbing routes on different types of rock. (Our No-Edge models the Speedster and Futura are the only boots to have made a true difference in my climbing, the only ones to have prevented me from failing onsight routes, and the only ones that have allowed my climbing to go 110% all the way).

No-Edge makes climbing even more fun! Test them with your hands, not just with your feet; push a shoe with edges onto a rock surface and make rotational movements, as if you were drawing a circle. Try to transport the sensation to rock climbing! Then do the same thing with Speedster or Futura...and try again. Feeling is believing.

Unfortunately, all my talking hasn't always been convincing. It is difficult for climbers to change their convictions and abandon their favourite climbing shoe. It is equally difficult to overcome one's mental barrier and step into a revolutionary shoe. Major changes are always a little frightening.

I experienced so much personal satisfaction a few months ago while out climbing with Adam (yes, that Adam). After using the Futura model for a few rope lengths, he said,

'Hey, you know what? I can really feel the freedom you have been trying to explain to me for years".

I will go no further - I have already said enough about the technical aspects of the boot (at least the more simple ones). All these details are applied to the Speedster model. The Futura model has been developed using the same constructive methods, but whereas Speedster was developed for those who were used to "suffering" in their shoes, the Futura model concentrates on giving the boot a higher performance and a more snug fit. We made many prototypes and carried out lots of testing with both top climbers and some average level climbers too. The results were all super!
Ciao to all and happy No-Edge climbing!"


The No-Edge construction perfectly follows the profile of the foot, which by nature has a curved shape, using a thinner layer of rubber and maintaining the same volume throughout the shoe. This solution allows the foot to come in closer contact with the rock surface by eliminating the tradition edge of the sole and giving extra push.


La Sportiva No Edge Construction



The low profile rubber used for the No-Edge construction reduces the distance between foot and rock surface, thereby making your feet more sensitive and "aware" of their surroundings.


La Sportiva No Edge


Uniform Pressure

The No-Edge construction allows the foot to exert uniform pressure on the inside area of the shoe, transferring this externally to all areas of the rock surface instead of just a few specific points. This allows the climb to become more fluid and contributes to enhanced durability of the product.


La Sportiva No Edge Pressure


The "no-edge" construction provides enhanced foot sensitivity and allows the foot to exert uniform pressure on the holds when climbing, it also allows the shoe to maximize the contact points with the rock surface and to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changing rock surface.


La Sportiva No Edge Adaptability


No-Edge is available in the Genius, Futura and Speedster models. La Sportiva Stockists can be found here.

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Jim Pope's Secret Family Flapjack Recipe If like us you're curious how Jim Pope and the rest of the Lyon Team have been crushing recently, with everything from Jim's first trad leads at Burbage to the impressive and consistent range of competition results, we might have the answer!


At first we thought it was the result of hard training combined with the Petzl, Beal and La Sportiva kit we supply the youth team with, as it turns out the solution to being a top climber is far simpler, the answer is the secret 'Pope Family Flapjack Recipe!'

We discovered this down at the La Sportiva party, where our very own web designer and all round internet guru was offered a piece of the hallowed flapjack, he instantly found his grades shot up and he could tick all of the problems on the competition circuit (or so he tells us!) only to find his skills mysteriously dropping again as the flapjack effects wore off.


We sent a team of fully trained ninja's round to the Pope's on a secret mission, get the recipe at all costs!! The ninja's came back bruised and battered after Jim discovered them trying to pinch the recipe and unleashed some 'Mighty Pope' rage but we have it! Here for your pleasure and (probable) increase in climbing ability is the recipe, keep it safe :-)


(Sort of Healthy) Pope Flapjacks

160g Butter
80g Unrefined Brown Sugar 140g Lyle's Golden Syrup 300g Porridge Oats
70g Chopped Dried Apricots 50g Dried Cranberries 50g Pumpkin Seeds 50g Sunflower Seeds
A Good Pinch Of Salt Flakes

First Measure the syrup into a large pan on the scales. Then add the Butter and Sugar, and melt together. (Un-melted Demerara sugar will give extra bite!) Add the rest of the ingredients to the pan and mix well. Spread the mixture evenly in an A4 sized baking tin, lined with baking parchment.

Bake on the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven at 180°c for 18 mins. (Check after 15 mins; it should be golden, not browned.)
Cut them into squares before they are completely cool. Eat before anyone else can nab them...

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Information Regarding Counterfeit Petzl Products Petzl has to deal with counterfeit versions of its products on a regular basis. These counterfeit safety products do not comply with our stringent quality standards and pose a real danger to the user. The following is a thorough reminder of Petzl's high standards in terms of safety, of the risks associated with using counterfeit products, and of the method for identifying these counterfeits.

Petzl's quality standards

Authentic Petzl products are made according to a specific process and expertise that belong exclusively to Petzl. Petzl products comply with very explicit international standards, and are designed, tested, and manufactured by the company to the most stringent requirements in terms of quality. These requirements are identical at every Petzl production site. For more information, watch the following videos on

 Petzl is commited to product quality and reliability  |   Headlamps : a tale of quality


Product copies or counterfeit products are not Petzl products and don't meet applicable performance standards. They do not benefit from Petzl's expertise or warranties, and can pose a high risk or prove faulty when used. Counterfeit products are potentially dangerous.

Petzl in the fight against counterfeiting

For the last several years, Petzl has been actively fighting against counterfeiters. This battle includes several components:

-A strategy of protection of all innovations and original creations, by Patents, Patents Design, and Trademarks.
-Monitoring every market and the wide variety of distribution channels.
-Thorough investigations to find the sources of the counterfeit production.
-Legal procedures with the courts of competent jurisdiction, in order to ensure the destruction of the counterfeit production facilities.

How can you guard against illegal copies and counterfeit products?

Petzl products are only sold through a network of official distributors and authorized retailers. The products are new and come with a technical notice. By purchasing your products through this network, you are guaranteed to purchase an authentic Petzl product. To find authorized retailers in the UK visit our stockists page.


User Procedures For Dealing With Potentially FAKE PRODUCTS


Case 1: Copy of an original Petzl product

If you have a product that looks like a Petzl product, the design, colors, shapes, of the packaging and the product are largely inspired by the original PETZL ones but it does not have a logo, or has a different logo from the official Petzl logo.

Warning, this is not a Petzl product.

Example :
Copy of the VASAK mountaineering crampon without a logo

Petzl Counterfeit Petzl Counterfeit Petzl Counterfeit

>> Do not use this product. Please contact our customer services team concerning all illegal copies you are able to identify or have questions about.

Case 2 : Copy of an original product with a counterfeit Petzl trademark

The trademark PETZL is counterfeited by a similar name: e.g. PETZEL, along with reproduction of PETZL packaging, design, colours, shapes, drawings, legal mentions, etc.

Warning, this not a Petzl product.

Example :
Copy of SPATHA Knife with a PETZEL logo       Copy of TIKKA Headlamp with a PETZEL logo

Petzl Counterfeit  


>> Do not use this product. Please contact our customer services team concerning all illegal copies you are able to identify or have questions about.

Case 3 : Copy of an original product with an identical copy of the Petzl trademark

Your product appears identical to a Petzl Product (Trademark PETZL is perfectly reproduced, logo, design, colours, markings, technical notice, packaging, etc seem to be perfect) but you have a doubt whether or not it is a real Petzl product (because it seems to be rather poor quality), take the following steps:

>> Do not use this product. Please contact our customer services team concerning all illegal copies you are able to identify or have questions about.

Case 4 : Petzl counterfeit products already detected

Potential counterfeit products have already been detected by Petzl. In this case, the same measure of precaution must be taken. If you have a doubt as to whether or not your product is a Petzl product (because it seems to be rather poor quality), take the following steps:

>> Immediately take the product(s) out of service and quarantine. Please contact our customer services team concerning all illegal copies you are able to identify or have questions about.


"To respect intellectual property rights and the safety of its customers, Petzl has been leading an active fight for several years now against the production of illegal copies and counterfeit versions of its products. Thank you for your vigilance and your trust."

Paul Petzl, President.

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Why Should We Wear Sunglasses? JulboSunlight is vital for all of us. However, our eyes are very sensitive to it and although damaged cells in the eyes are replaced over time, the replacement process becomes less effective, resulting in serious or even irreversible diseases. It is essential to protect them properly, particularly in mountain and water sports where the increased reflection can greatly increase light intensity.


A specialist in solar protection in high-risk environments and extreme conditions, Julbo has been providing its expertise to people who love to look at the world for over 120 years. Julbo develops its frames and lenses through a combination of innovation and careful attention to detail. The world needs your vision...


There are several reasons to protect your eyes...

1) UV Protection

UV rays can cause Ophtalmia (snow blindness), Conjunctivitis, Cataracts, retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and many other harmful effects to the eye. Today the science of UV protective sunglasses is near perfect, with Julbo offering 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. These high-energy rays are very harmful. They even have an effect in cloudy weather as clouds absorb no more than 10% of UV rays In the mountains, the intensity of UV rays increases by 10% for every 1000 metres of altitude.


UVA: 315 - 380 (nm) Moderately harmful. They cause light pigmentation of the skin.

UVB: 280 - 355 (nm) Extremely harmful (1000 times more aggressive than UVA), they result in tanning and premature ageing of the eye and skin.

UVC: 100 - 280 (nm) These rays are Currently absorbed by the ozone layer.

2) Reduce Headaches and Eyestrain Resulting From High Light Intensity

Strong sunlight can dazzle and temporarily reduce visual capability while also causing fatigue and headaches from eyestrain and squinting. By wearing sunglasses under bright conditions, headaches can be reduced and in some cases even prevented. Surface glare from the surroundings can strongly increase light intensity:
- snow reflects up to 90% of the sun's rays,
- water reflects up to 20% of the sun's rays,
- sand reflects up to 30% of the sun's rays.

3) Maintaining Moisture In The Eyes

Sunglasses can help keep the eyes moist by lessening the evaporation in hot and arid conditions. Moisture is needed by the eye to focus and perform correctly, so well designed eyewear suitable for the chosen sport can assist vision under intensive sunlight.

4) Preventing Foreign Bodies

Active sports frequently throw up a wide range of dirt and debris to the face, a well designed pair of sunglasses can significantly reduce the risk of eye damage from foreign objects.

Why Julbo?

Julbo has used NXT lightweight and virtually unbreakable technology to develop high-performance lenses to meet the needs of active outdoor users where the light changes with each environment and activity. Julbo lenses have been developed to meet these specific needs.
All Julbo sunglasses block 100% of UV radiation while having optimum optical quality and exceptional resistance to wear. NXT lenses are virtually unbreakable and are ultra lightweight while maintaining superb optical clarity while the photochromic Falcon, Zebra, Cameleon and Octopus lenses adapt to the light conditions automatically, ideal for your chosen outdoor sports.


Julbo Lens Options


A fixed category lens available from Category 0 (Clear) up to Category 4 (Very Dark tint) which is lightweight while offering good shock resistance. Cost effective and ideal for a wide range of sports.

FalconJulbo Falcon

Sensitive to visible light and polarizing with anti-reflective and oil-repellent coatings, the photochromic Falcon NXT lens with a contrast enhancing copper colour is perfect for travel, driving and different types of sunny conditions. It guarantees clear vision at all times regardless of the light or weather. Cat 2-3

Discover Julbo's Falcon Lens Simulator here.

Zebra LightJulbo Zebra Light

The Zebra Light photochromic NXT lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with light intensity at any time of day and has an exceptional anti-fog and hydrophobic coating. Cat 1-3

Discover Julbo's Zebra Light Lens Simulator here.

ZebraJulbo Zebra

The Zebra photochromic NXT lens darkens or lightens depending on the light's intensity. It can change from a light transmission rate of 7% to 42% with a very quick activation time of 22 to 28 seconds. Its anti-fog coating, directly integrated via laser, guarantees maximum efficiency and long life. Zebra Lenses are recommended for a wide range of outdoor sports. Cat 2-4

Discover Julbo's Zebra Lens simulator here.

CameleonJulbo Cameleon

Photochromic and polarizing, the Cameleon NXT lens darkens and lightens according to the intensity of the light while the polarization provides anti-dazzle protection and high definition vision. The anti-fog coating is ideal for active sports. Cat 2-4

Discover Julbo's Cameleon Lens Simulator here.


OctopusJulbo Octopus

The Octopus lens gives a clear view to the horizon in all weathers and with it's light-sensitive, hydrophobic and polarizing lens is suitable for all water sports. Cat 2-4.

Discover Julbo's Octopus Lens simulator here.

UK Julbo stockists can be found here.

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