Newton Rigg College Visit

on 02 February 2016.

Newton Rigg College Forestry students recently visited Lyon Work & Rescue for a two day package covering the basics of Work at Height.

The students were given a tour of the manufacturing department, seeing how PPE anchor slings are made and how the products are tested to ensure quality control is maintained. The tour continued into the warehouse where every piece of Petzl equipment in the UK is imported to and shipped from (a massive undertaking). In the afternoon the students took part in a session to view and analyse destructive tests on damaged items of PPE. Each student was given a PPE anchor sling and damaged it in some way, such as cutting it, creating abrasion damage or burning it. Each sling was then pulled until it broke and the students could see how much the damage reduced the breaking load.

The second day consisted of an introduction to the techniques used in other working at height environments as opposed to standard arb methods, such as mechanical ascenders and descenders. The students climbed steel framed structures and accessed overhead walk ways while maintaining a high level of safety.

The link between Lyon Equipment Limited and Newton Rigg College started three years ago when Lyon first offered the students the chance to visit the manufacturing department and discuss PPE inspection. When Newton Rigg's metal tree needed a new home Lyon offered it; along with a great opportunity to allow continued access to a great resource. In the afternoon of the second day all the students had a go at installing ropes and accessing the metal tree.

The experience has given all the students an insight to other aspects of work at height however they all agreed that they wanted to stick with tree climbing at the moment.

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