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We are very proud to be working with the Julbo team in France...

From its headquarters high in the Jura Mountains of France, where the company was founded in 1888, three generations have directed Julbo's evolution from manufacturer of corrective lenses to global producer of protective eyewear for all active outdoor pursuits.

The 125-year-old Julbo brand is built from a rich history in alpine-mountaineering, high-altitude and glacier exploration optics.

Today, Julbo is a multi-sport eyewear company that makes eyewear for elite outdoor athletes as well as mainstream users. Julbo is fully committed to creating a line of sunglasses with world-renowned optical quality melded with a bold sense of style.



Julbo has pushed the limits of technological innovation and optical quality. From using new lens materials such as "NXT" (originally used in the manufacture of bullet proof helicopter windscreens!), to its versatile photochromic lens technologies and lens treatments, Julbo continues to push the technological boundaries for performance optics.

Julbo has also developed a line of affordable, durable, 100-percent UV protective sunglasses for children. Julbo applies the same technology and innovation to its children's line that it uses to make eyewear for climbers, sailors and other athletes.

Today Julbo can be found all over the world; from the high mountain ranges, to the piste, the sea, the desert and even in the high street!

Julbo, glasses and goggles for those serious about eye protection.

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